Gelatocaffè Products

Many of the products we offer are local Slow Food products.

Currently, there is a collaboration with the CRA of Battipaglia and with Dr. Rosa Pepe with the aim of recovering the old traditions scattered in the Cilento Park, the Vallo di Diano and the province of Salerno. The exclusive partnership with the Provincial Winery of Salerno allows all our guests to taste the wines from the local wineries, with one exception, the tasty Falanghina, a sparkling wine made by Vinicola del Titerno farm. Non-alcoholic beverages by Lurisia are also available at Kriò. Tonic water and Sprite with draught wine from Amalfi, Savona Chinotto, a Slow Food product and fizzy orange juice of Gargano IGP.

Our Cola, Ginger and Baladin fizzy drink are a clear example of the careful selection that we have undertaken, not to mention South Americans distillates with rum and spirits generally of very high quality. A special mention goes to the company Russo of Mercato San Severino and its Grappa Barrique 15 Men, to Salerno digestive liqueurs and the white grappa from Greco di Tufo or Falanghina grapes. Our patisserie is of great importance to us: our custom-made pies from Spinnato, Palermo, from Emilio, Casal di Principe and Passion Fruit, from Battipaglia make us proud to put on display on Via Roma.

Our gelato selection is the result of hard and patient work and a constant commitment to achieve the best quality possible. We select strictly seasonal fruit, fresh milk of Centrale del Latte of Salerno, with the aim of reaching the top. The sorbets are protagonists with blackberry flavours, the white figs of the Cilento area, the Alburni lavender, the cinnamon, the Annurca apple, a typical IGP product of Benevento.