The Territory first, that of positive energies and honest people.
The founders have fused their efforts, ideas and skills to achieve with determination and passion such a difficult goal.

The result is a valuable meeting point in the heart of Campania region, a must for lovers of taste and quality.

The Kriò Gelatocaffè project has now become a landmark in our area, and, it is now joined by the Kriò Cala del Campo project. Cala del Campo is a seaside resort in the middle of the Cilento Park with a lovely restaurant on the sea, in line with the highest standards of hospitality and respect for the Environment.

In Salerno city centre the elegant and comfortable apartments will make your holidays unforgettable.

In the Cilento area, and precisely in Capitello di Ispani (situated in a strategic position near the beauties of the Gulf of Policastro, Scario and Sapri), you will enjoy the Kriò Gelsomare area, a structure surrounded by green parks, that provides a chance to spend a pleasant evening with good food and friends in the adjacent gourmet restaurant.